Monday, November 22, 2010

NYS APHERD Conference 2010

This past weekend I attended my first ever NYS APHERD conference. And let me tell you, it will be my first attendance of many. Not only did I have a blast, but I learned so much incredible information as well. I attended  session after session, always excited for what was to come next.
I started off my weekend by waking up at 5am on Thursday morning to hop in the car and start the trip to Turning Stone. Don't worry, a cup of coffee and a nap in the car didn't make it as terrible as it sounds. Sessions started at 8am and throughout the day I had much to do. Although on Thursday there was one that stuck out in my mind as my favorite. The Hip Hop session was fantastic. I got a great workout, I mean I was sweating bullets! Not only that the course was really engaging, and we learned a whole sequence of moves. The teacher was so energetic and fun to learn from, so it came as no surprise when she won for teacher of the year for the dance section. Although this picture of hip hop dancers is not actually us at the conference, I have no doubt that the teacher would have been able to have us do these moves in a matter of a few more hours. As for Friday, that was definitely my favorite day of them all. Once again had an early morning with my first session starting at 630am. Most sessions started at 8am but this one looked so intriguing I couldn't help myself, and man was it worth it. Drumm'n, ton'n, and stretch'n was a class where you use exercise balls as drums, placed on barrels and move with them and around them creating beats and rhythms overall giving you quite a workout. My next session of the day that did actually start at 8am was follow the leader. Here college students were able to sit down with professional educators and ask them questions varying from interviews to attire. Having never been on an interview myself I found this workshop so unbelievably helpful. This class in my book is ranked as top 3 of the weekend. Of course I also attended the "spice up your warm up" presented by our own SUNY Cortland students. And Cortland was proudly represented. They had great ideas and a great personality, by engaging everyone, so kudos to them! "Fun filled Activities for grades prek-5" was another great session. They had a lot of great games, even holiday oriented ones which were so cute! I found these games really helpful, especially because I want to teach elementary physical education. And last for that day I attended a kickboxing session, and once again ending my day with my shirt filled with sweat. Besides all the sessions there was lots to do and enjoy at the conference . For one the keynote speaker was very good! I enjoyed listening to him very much. The dinner was something that I wish I had attended, and although I missed out on that this year, I did not miss out on the social held afterwards. Dance and smiles filled up the floor as physical educators of all ages had a great time. So if you could not tell from everything posted above, I had a blast at this conference! After this weekend I have never been so sure in my decision to become a physical and health educator.

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