Saturday, February 11, 2012

Student Teaching

Hello All! So the first 4 weeks of student teaching have flown by, but yet so much has been done. While I've been at this school I have been able to help out it in games night, literacy day, and start up a morning intramural game program. Most recently we have started up our gymnastics unit which usually consists of 7 or so stations that the students rotate through. This year I decided that a Wii Fit Balance station would be a nice addition. Students have been very enthusiastic to participate. Many already understand and own the game, so little instruction is needed, which means more activity time! The school that I am currently at is not very familiar with technology. This game is a great start for the program, and I have been able to peek the interest of my cooperating teacher to invest in more of these games for next year. This  game is both exciting and beneficial to the students, which will hopefully continue onto next year.