Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lab B2- Ultimate Leading Passes

Teaching how to send off a leading pass, by anticipating where your teamate is running, I felt was a very succesful lesson. After watching the video of myself, I feel confident that I have improved my skills as a physical educator. My lesson included the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domain. For the psychomotor domain, the students in the class ran drills focusing on leading their teamates down the field with a pass. This domain would fit into NYS learning standard 1a and NASPE standard 1. The students in the class where also able to reach the cognitive domain, for at the end of class they recited back to me the 2 important cues connected with the lesson (anticipate and leading pass). This domain met with NYS learning standard 1a and NASPE standard 2. And last but not least the class played through the affective domain by working with partners. By doing so they were able to give each other active feedback and help each other when necessary, meeting NYS standard 2 and NASPE standard 6.

In addition, I feel that I definitely improved when it came to projecting my voice and connecting with the students. After filling out my verbal transcription, I was plesently suprised that I did not fill up my speach with ums and other filler words. I'll admit, there are a few, but I think its hardly noticeable. Here is the mp3 so you can more clearly here what I say. Some things I need to work on, are stating my objectives for the class, as well as constantly facing the class. While teaching I tend to walk through the middle, allowing my back to face some students, which is not desired. In the future I will work on walking around the perimeter of the class when giving feedback. Other aspects of my teaching that I noticed, was that I spend to much time instructing and too little time with the actual activity. This can be demonstrated more clearly in my time coding form. I feel that this will be easier to do with longer lessons. I also noticed that my feedback, although specific was not given out enough. Only a handful of the students in my lesson recieved good specific feedback, and that is something I need to improve on. This can be looked at on my feedback analysis form. If anyone has any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment. Lets go PE!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

SUNY Cortland PE mini conference...not so mini

For those who attended the SUNY Cortland PE mini conference of 2010 would most likely say it was nothing short of a great experience. Personally, I learned a lot and had a great time doing so. From the keynote speaker to all the different workshops, I was kept not only entertained, but fully enriched with knowledge. After listening to Chris Xaver's very inspirational keynote speech, I headed over to Professor Yang's own workshop titled, Instant Feedback: iDance Exergame Expo and Workshop. I really enjoyed myself at this workshop, with the variety of activities ranging from different dancing video games, to powering your remote control with physical activity. I found these uses for technology to be a really great way to teach and reach across to students, especially the older ones who may have given up on the standard PE class they have been in their whole lives. Technology is also a great way to assess. By using heart rate monitors, like the ones we wore in the session, the teacher can asses the student based on how hard they try, not how well the can lets say dance. I think that is a much better way to test, and helps send a positive message across to the students.
After that first workshop I went to, Bringing Roller Skating Instruction to Your School by M. Ferro. I found it interesting, and I really enjoyed watching the veteran skaters show us all the possibilities and different activities one can do in roller skates. With the roller skates, students have a great way to express themselves and be creative on a physical level. The next session I went to was labeled, Sled Hockey by Lauren Herman. I had so much fun at this workshop. This is a great example of taking a known sport such as Ice Hockey, manipulating the equipment, and there you have got yourself a completely different game. It was fresh and different and I loved it! We even got to get on the ice ourselves and give it a go, and let me say it was not easy at first. But this is something I really feel like kids of all ages will enjoy trying. And the really great thing about this sport is that it is in the paraolympics, so not only is it adaptive friendly, but it can widen the experience of others into an unfamiliar world.
The last workshop I attended was called Stand-up Paddle Boarding. Basically it is like the paddle boarding from the ocean, but modified to be on land, another great example of manipulation, this time on the environment. Taking a physical activity not fit for a phys. ed. class because of its location, and making it easily accessible. I had a blast learning about it, as well as trying it out. It was also great to see so many certified teachers at the lesson who were interested in the sport as well.
All in all this mini conference had a great turn out, making it not so mini after all. It was definitely a big success and I learned a lot. Whether it was the amazing workshops, the great atmosphere, or the low priced sports equipment, I feel like we'll get a lot of returning and new teachers again next year. This was definitely an event to be at.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nicole - Lab B1 - Fall 2010

Today's lab I believe went well. In teaching my lesson on the dynamic defender, I felt more confident as I spoke and more comfortable teaching. My hook and challenge were a couple things I felt was good about  my lab. I really feel like I grabbed the attention of the students well with these two aspects. Also as the labs go on, I feel better and better about teaching my peers, which is very exciting for me because I can't wait to see how much I improve by the end of the semester. One part of the lab today that I know I should work on is my demo. Today I completely forgot to demo, which is a very crucial part of teaching a lesson. Also how well I project my voice is another concern for me. It's something I have been working on and I feel I am getting better, but there is still tons of room for improvement. Overall I feel today has been a successful day and all the other students did a great job on their teaching lessons. If anyone has any comments, please feel free to post them.

Also feel free to check out my time coding form for this lab.