Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lab B2- Ultimate Leading Passes

Teaching how to send off a leading pass, by anticipating where your teamate is running, I felt was a very succesful lesson. After watching the video of myself, I feel confident that I have improved my skills as a physical educator. My lesson included the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domain. For the psychomotor domain, the students in the class ran drills focusing on leading their teamates down the field with a pass. This domain would fit into NYS learning standard 1a and NASPE standard 1. The students in the class where also able to reach the cognitive domain, for at the end of class they recited back to me the 2 important cues connected with the lesson (anticipate and leading pass). This domain met with NYS learning standard 1a and NASPE standard 2. And last but not least the class played through the affective domain by working with partners. By doing so they were able to give each other active feedback and help each other when necessary, meeting NYS standard 2 and NASPE standard 6.

In addition, I feel that I definitely improved when it came to projecting my voice and connecting with the students. After filling out my verbal transcription, I was plesently suprised that I did not fill up my speach with ums and other filler words. I'll admit, there are a few, but I think its hardly noticeable. Here is the mp3 so you can more clearly here what I say. Some things I need to work on, are stating my objectives for the class, as well as constantly facing the class. While teaching I tend to walk through the middle, allowing my back to face some students, which is not desired. In the future I will work on walking around the perimeter of the class when giving feedback. Other aspects of my teaching that I noticed, was that I spend to much time instructing and too little time with the actual activity. This can be demonstrated more clearly in my time coding form. I feel that this will be easier to do with longer lessons. I also noticed that my feedback, although specific was not given out enough. Only a handful of the students in my lesson recieved good specific feedback, and that is something I need to improve on. This can be looked at on my feedback analysis form. If anyone has any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment. Lets go PE!

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