Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall 2010 - Lab C International

Hey there phys ed mates! Today was a good day to learn through the physical in EDU 255. Bringing in aspects of different cultures allowed many students to experience different traditions through a fun and active environment.

As far as my teaching went I believe I did pretty well. I along with Holly Jung took on the topic of Buroinjin, an Australian game that was played between the tribes back in the day. Looking at my C9 form I did a farely well job of covering all the essential elements of instruction including instant activity, safety, hook, practice, etc. On the presentation end of it I had strength in how well I was prepared and getting the students active. I was enthusiastic and professional as well. Of coarse their were many parts of this lesson that I should work on improving. Intratask variation for one was one aspect of the lesson I did not include and will make sure I incorperate into lab D. Also my feedback has to definitely be given out a lot more. I gave out feedback that was congruent and specific to the cues, but I did not give it out enough or include names as much as I should have. You can check out my feedback analysis for more detail. One of my biggeset concerns, something that I really need to focus on in the future is my time managment. By looking at my time coding form one can see that my ratios of activity and instruction are way off. Those 2 statistics should be flipflopped and that is something I will be working on for sure. On the bright side I had no waiting time, but I definitely have to cut back on instruction and increase activity. All in all though I feel pretty confident in how I did, and I am aware of the areas I must improve in. Feel free to comment and take a look at the following links.
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