Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lab A2 Fall 2010

Doing Lab A a second time was a great experience! I loved how I was able to improve from my first try, and through the video be able to see where I improved. I definitely felt a lot more confident in my teaching. The lesson had been planned out well in advanced, and I was aware of what to include. How I should comment about safety and expectations, as well as to have a signal of attention and hook. Also how demonstration is one of the most important aspects. Deamonstrate, Explain, Again, Demonstrate. I wish I had more time to focus on that, but instead I compressed my explanation and demonstration together. Looking at the C9 form I feel that i hit just about every mark. Feedback is a big part of the lesson, and it really helped that I knew everyones names. It made the feedback a lot more personal and constructive and that is exactly how it should be. Checking for understanding was also something I made sure to do. If one does not check for understanding with the class, you may be moving to fast and the entire skill may just go right over their heads. And ofcoarse closure; by summing up and reviewing the lesson your cues are fresh in their mind and they may feel motivated to go home and practice in preperation for next class. The only point I didn't get to was the intratask variation, which is something I will keep in mind for next time, especially when we have more time for our lessons. Something I feel I should work on is my voice. I need to use my "ain't no flys on me" voice in my lessons. Other then that I feel like I did farely well in this lab. I thought the other students did great jobs, and I cant wait to learn more and improve. If anyone has any comments or suggestions please feel free to post them. My goal is to be the best PE teacher I can be!

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