Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Daily Burn
1.      I really enjoyed using the daily burn program. I thought it was great in that it not only tracked what you were currently doing but it gives you goals, motivators, and suggested workouts. I do currently use another online tracker. In my nutrition class we were required to use Nutricalc. It’s a program very similar to this one, except that you have to pay for it, with the textbook. I also like the features in the daily burn a lot better. In Nutricalc they don’t have as many options when you type in your food. Also I don’t believe that they set goals or motivators for you and they don’t give you that nice graph. Some aspects of Nutricalc that are nice, but aren’t on the daily burn is the single nutrient reports. In these single nutrient reports you can pick from any nutrient consumed, and find out all the details about it. How much you consume, how much you should, the percent of calories it makes up, which foods are giving you the most of that nutrient, etc. Both programs have tons of nice features, but after this week I like the daily burn better. It has cool features, and it is just more fun, which may make others want to try it as well.
2.      This program would be great for a physical or health education class. Especially when it comes to learning standard 1b, knowing how to create a personal fitness program. In a classroom students can use the program, learn how well they are doing both with diet and activity, and then with the help of the program, create a fitness plan for them self. This site has many cool features and students can play around with the program, test it out and see what motivates them and helps them the most whether it is cardio, weight training, etc. And in doing so it may inspire them to want to make that fitness plan as well as stick to it and continue it. To establish a group goal, I would go to the challenges section of the program, and select one like cardio distance challenge, goal based. In doing so the class can aim for a distance goal to achieve. Also there is a motivator section in the program where you can sign up a group. I find this to be really great for the class! The teacher can even include herself and it can be a fun experience for everyone.

3.      A great electronic tool that can be used to capture the data is simply taking a screen shot of their results. By doing so they can keep a folder of these pictures in Picasa. It creates a very visual tool of how well they are doing. By doing this, the teacher can keep an accurate record of the students for each day spent in the daily burn, and each student can keep an accurate record of themselves, something that would be especially useful in a high school setting. These pictures can be put on a blog, or google docs, depending on how willing the student is to share his/her information with others. This may be used to meet requirement 1a- to perform basic motor and manipulative skills and attain competency and proficiency in a number of these skills (6+3 across 3). In the workouts section they have a number of different exercise ideas as well as logs to keep track of them. So a student may participate in whichever motor skills interest them, and easily keep track of those skills and how well they affect his/her personal nutrition. In using the daily burn they may be more aware of their fitness level, and skill proficiency/competency; thus helping them and their teacher see where they have room to improve.

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